Temp Agency

Turning Your Phone into Al Roker

Efd2f4371876585b9b957fcd646f8f28“Siri, tell me the exact temperature of my immediate surroundings.”

“Siri, tell me the exact temperature of my immediate surroundings.”

“Siri, tell me...”

You can stop now. There’s a better way.

Because of a little thing called Thermodo, a tiny piece of technology-on-a-key-chain that plugs into your smartphone and gives you an accurate temperature reading of exactly where you are at that time, available online now.

This is a miniature thermometer about the size of a Rolo candy. And almost the same shape. Yeah, we forgot about Rolos, too. Anyway, it fits neatly into the headphone jack of your phone. So make that happen.

Now, imagine some hypothetical scenario in which you must know the precise temperature at your precise coordinates, right down to the decimal. Say, the critical, one-degree difference that can make or break a skinny-dipping campaign.

Just plug it in. The sensor will read the environment, then send information back to your phone and relay the temperature via a little animation on its corresponding app.

Beers can be rationed by slight increases in temperature. Shirts can be removed with scientific justification.

Or just removed, because it’s summer and you’re hot.

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