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A Middle Eastern Xanadu in Logan Square

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Imagine you’re in the desert.

Or possibly Logan Square.

Point is: you’ve been walking for a very long time.

You’re hot. You’re thirsty. And you could really use a hibiscus mojito.

You see an oasis in the distance. But, no, it couldn’t be. It’s a mirage. It’s...

... Masada, a shiny new jewel of Middle Eastern delights right where you need it, now open.

This represents one man’s labor of love (specifically, the man behind Sultan’s Market). He’s been building it with his own hands for about seven years. It’s his personal Xanadu. Which, okay, is a bit passionate. But he’s named it so in honor of his mother, which is also pretty nice.

Entering, you’ll pass under brightly colored ceilings, through a small bazaar of jewelry for sale and air perfumed with the wafting aromas of baba ghanoush and... hot wings.

You’ll spend sunny afternoons outside on the rooftop drinking Almaza (a crisp Lebanese pilsner), eating seafood kebabs and feeling very Jafar about it all.

And if it’s an evening thing, head to the basement lounge dripping with hand-painted tiles and silky fabrics. Drink hibiscus-flavored Moroccan Mojitos while listening to live world music. And if the mood hits, dance.

Spoiler: it’ll hit.

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