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Fig & Olive Finds a New Home on Oak Street

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This whole World Cup thing. All those countries. All those cultures.

It’s left you feeling hungry for some international glamour and travel.

Or maybe just hungry.

Well, here’s the solution either way: Fig & Olive, a multistory love note to Mediterranean wonders like good olive oil, paella and a damn fine martini, opening Saturday in the Gold Coast.

It all begins when you take the elevator to the second floor. The doors will open. You’ll immediately see a big marble bar where a Piscine (that South of France sparkling wine classic cocktail) will be eagerly awaiting your arrival. Also waiting: a crostini bar with all those manchego-and-fig toppings and olives you asked for.

But as nice as the surroundings are—soft couches, big tables and the feeling that you just won a Palme d’Or—you’ll probably like it upstairs more.

The third floor’s atrium ceiling and outdoor terrace demand an evening of champagne and rosemary lamb chops, which arrive in a glass dome filled with smoke. The executive chef once cooked for Julio Iglesias, so it should be good.

You know how Julio loves his smoky rosemary lamb chops.

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