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The Bikini Car Wash: A Visual Retrospective

12 Photos A Visual History of the Bikini Car Wash
None 12 Photos A Visual History of the Bikini Car Wash
Summer is a time of appreciation.

For our national sovereignty.

For the simple pleasures of tossing a baseball.

For the scantily clad innovations of the car wash industry.

We’ll get to those first two at some point...

For now, sit back and enjoy A Visual History of the Bikini Car Wash, which is a slideshow. A serious and comprehensive slideshow. That’s available for your perusal right here.

We just figured that, what with it officially being summer now, and what with lovely women lackadaisically scrubbing cars in their swimsuits being always great, this had to be done.

So we combed the archives of bikini car wash history and put together a pictorial ode to all that is divine. And if seeing its early origins helps spark a disruptive entrepreneurial idea: all the better. If seeing a Brazilian supermodel caress a ’67 Mercury Cougar sparks any other ideas...

Just know they’re probably not original ideas.

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