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A Swanky New Thai BYOB in Edgewater

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Let’s give a big shout-out to the Chicago institution known as the little neighborhood Thai BYOB joint.

We love you guys. Keep doing what you’re doing. Keep those bubble teas bubbling.

Alternatively, just rethink everything...

Meet Herb, a surprisingly elegant and unsurprisingly BYOB Thai spot standing at the ready to take you on a multicourse journey through... oh, you’ll see soon enough. It’s open now in Edgewater.

It looks a bit like the soft, cream-colored restaurants you find at island resorts. Which means, among other things, that it’s highly date-appropriate. Particularly if you have a bottle of rosé you’d like to squire around town.

There isn’t, however, much in the way of your standbys like pad thai and pad see ew. The chef has a thing for exotic and seasonal. So just turn yourself over to the three- or five-course tasting menu and relax.

Start with a betel leaf amuse-bouche, followed by meticulously arranged plates of blue shrimp (yes, blue—says it right there in the name), holy basil and fiery bird’s eye chili peppers.

And good thing you brought in a bottle of port, because... dessert. It’s at the chef’s whim. Whatever she’s in the mood to make.

We bet she’s in a Thai mood.


5424 N Broadway
(between Catalpa and Balmoral)
Chicago, IL, 60640


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