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The owner of Sunset Tower is pretty clever.

While distracting you with those classic Aniston-adjacent nights at Tower Bar, Jeff Klein has been busy overhauling the once-infamous San Vicente Bungalows—now it’s a lush little garden getaway of non-ill repute, and now it’s ready for its statistical close-up.

Number of rooms: 29
Number of rooms that are actually suites: 5
Steps to the Troubadour: 304
Number of Public bicycles available out front for rent: 3
Likelihood that you’ll still use a car to get to the Troubadour: 83%
Decade the original buildings began construction to accommodate local railroad workers: 1880s
Price of a room in 2014: $99
Minimum number of monarch butterflies you can expect to flutter majestically over your head when you enter, right on cue: 1
Depth of pool: 5 feet
Number of BYOB-friendly built-in seats in said pool: 2
BPM of the Beach House songs you’ll hear out there: −3
Average number of garments covering pool dwellers’ skin in 2010: um, zero-ish?
Average now: 2


San Vicente Bungalows
845 N San Vicente Blvd
West Hollywood, CA, 90069


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