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A Winery/Submarine on Treasure Island

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Wineries. Wine bars. WWII submarine vessels.

All excellent places to sample some wine, you’d say...

Get belowdecks for Sottomarino Winery, which is indeed an original WWII-submarine-like Navy training vessel turned Treasure Island wine den, now open on the weekends.

Fun fact: “sottomarino” is Italian for “submarine.” They didn’t do much to this thing. It’s steel. It’s watertight. It’s... not a submarine, technically—it’s a WWII-era damage-control wet trainer. Submarine crews would get in there and learn to patch holes while it filled with water, thereby offering incentive to get said holes patched. Drinking wine in here should be a little less stressful.

Plan on sampling four Italian varietals in here, including a pinot grigio and a muscat. At some point, make a joke about doing some push-ups if it feels right. It probably won’t, though.

And if you start getting a little claustrophobic, head up to the deck. There’s a second bar up there, and views of the Bay Bridge. (Well, both bay bridges.) And this thing shares grounds with the Winery SF, Vie and Sol Rouge. Which means you’ll find picnic tables and bocce courts in your rather immediate vicinity.

As they always should be.


Sottomarino Winery
400 California Ave, Bldg 2
(at Ave G)
San Francisco, CA, 94130


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