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Champagne, Steak and the Former Publican Chef

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Storied history. Home to Northwestern University. Birthplace of John Cusack.

And... that about covers it. All you need to know about the place.

Oh, wait, no. Now there’s this: Boltwood, the new home turf of Brian Huston (yep, the original Publican chef) who just blessed our friendly neighbors to the north with his oysters and roasted meat, now soft-open.

This is much more than just an old dim sum parlor turned destination-dining date spot. Old dim sum spots have no hold over your imagination.

It’s also more than just a sparsely decorated restaurant—we believe “minimalist” is the operative term—offering fantastic views of Davis Street on one side, the kitchen on the other and an immense communal table in the center. But yeah, that’s still pretty nice.

It’s more than just a place where you’ll sit at a marble-topped bar, relaxing over barrel-aged Manhattans and slurping briny oysters before breaking out the champagne. Though, frankly, at this point we don’t know what more you’re looking for.

It’s more than just a place serving lamb riblets and tri-tip accompanied by whatever the farmer happened to pull from the ground that week.

Because it also smells really nice inside.

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