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Something So Nice in the Former Sprout Space

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Great news: you don’t have to go to Springfield to get a really good horseshoe sandwich anymore.

Oh, that’s right. You probably have no earthly idea what a horseshoe sandwich is.

Let this place enlighten you: Knife & Tine, a dark, brooding and rather seductive little grotto with a serious thing for comfort food, now open in Lincoln Park.

It’s in the former Sprout space, but things have been remarkably spruced up. A pale-blue banquette lines the dining room. An enormous chandelier and a ship portal window into the open kitchen exist in the private dining area.

That window’s there so you can watch the chef (Nate Park, last of Baume & Brix) let loose. He’ll put pork belly in your po’boy. Use brisket in your burger. Engineer a better horseshoe sandwich.

Ah, yeah. That horseshoe thing. It’s the pride of central Illinois. It’s normally an open-faced burger on white bread smothered in cheesy fries. His version is short rib and aged cheddar served on brioche with shoestring fries. Upgrades are nice.

And if you’re scratching your head about where to take Pops for a burger, a beer (neighbor Atlas Brewing is on tap here) and some fresh chocolate pie, this is a good call.

Dads love pie. Silly dads.


Knife & Tine
1417 W Fullerton Ave
(between Janssen and Southport)
Chicago, IL, 60614


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