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A Late-Night Barbecue Joint in Deep Ellum

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Another week, another new barbecue joint in Deep Ellum.

It’s like... someone out there really is listening to your prayers.

The newcomer: EZ Dude BBQ. The elevator pitch: they’re doling out smoked meat until the magnificent hour of 3am.

For that, you can thank Rob. He’s a barbecue aficionado with personal ties to Pantera, and he’s been catering live shows around town for years. Now, he’s gone brick and mortar, which translates to a big concrete bar and green booths. A jukebox full of metal bands. And exposed brick walls adorned with electric guitars, framed albums and photos of Pantera’s Dimebag Darrell.

So... just the kind of place to escape the heat and hunker down with a cold beer and a whiskey back. Or a plate of St. Louis–style pork ribs with a brisket back. Yeah, now you’re onto something.

And because they’re open late (4pm to 3am), you can stop in whenever it’s convenient. Like dinnertime. Or swing by after a show at neighboring Trees. Or just come here after the bars close simply because you can. And because it’s never too late for ribs.

Well, 4am. 4am is too late.

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