Rentable Camping Gear. By Mail. Whenever.

None News flash: Netflix just acquired Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Follow-up news flash: that... was a completely made-up news flash.

But if it were true, it’d look a lot like Outdoor Exchange, a new website that’ll ship you a tent, a kayak, a bounce house or nearly any other piece of summery gear you can dream up (assuming the USPS accepts bounce houses), online now.

This is just like your local outdoor equipment store. Except that with 48 hours’ notice, these guys can ship you almost anything to borrow for a week or more. And that visiting your local outdoor equipment store requires pants.

So after signing up (there’s a nominal membership fee to cover your first rental), contemplate your next summer adventure...

If you’re going camping: They’ve got all your tent, hammock and portable outdoor shower needs taken care of. (Hey, we said needs, not wants.)

If you’re going to the beach: You’ll want the volleyball set, a beach umbrella and at least one grizzly-bear-proof cooler. Sandwiches, people. Protect your sandwiches.

If you’re not really going anywhere: We won’t judge. We’ll just point you toward the “Backyard Fun” section, where you’ll find an inflatable pool and a 180-square-foot bounce house.

Which wouldn’t be a creepy thing to rent at all.

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