Döner Card

Finally, a Late-Night German Food Truck

None Today: exciting news on the late-night, German-Turkish, skewered-meat wagon front.


Allow us to fill you in with Döner Men, a well-umlauted food truck specializing in the fine art of German post-bar food, trying to hit the road by Thursday.

You’ll see this thing coming from a mile down the straße. It’s basically a rolling mural, blending elements of sci-fi, roasted meat and a little Dungeons & Dragons into one psychedelic something or other. If you somehow miss it, Twitter is useful.

Imagine you’ve been out on the town. German beer has been consumed. Non-German beer has been consumed. Gin martinis may or may not have been consumed. Point is: you’re hungry now.

Then, like a beacon in the night, these guys swoop in with their... döner. It’s basically meat roasted on a skewer (in this case, chicken) and served on warm flatbread with a cucumber-tomato salad. Germany has a special fondness for its post-imbibing helpfulness, and this is essentially their gyro.

Oh, and they have currywurst slathered in a spicy tomato jam, too.

Because Germany.

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