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Pizza, Meatballs and the Will to Survive Lunch

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We know you’re a busy person.

We know you don’t always have time for a long, leisurely lunch.

But please. Take one anyhow. It’s important.

Go somewhere fun. Somewhere good. Somewhere like Mercadito or Siena Tavern.

Or better yet, kinda sorta both at the same time...

A place like Rustle + Roux, a new second-floor lunch café that would like nothing more than to see your smiling, hungry face, now open in the Loop.

You’ll walk into the palatial, marble-clad lobby of a downtown skyscraper called the Franklin Center. Head to the atrium and take the escalator up one level. Yes, it’s a rather grand way to go get tacos and meatball subs, but hey, lunch.

At first, you’ll just see a cafeteria-like setup—carving station, sandwich area, grab-and-go section of salads. But then, you’ll catch the unmistakable scent of beer-battered fish tacos. Yes, Mercadito has created a greatest-hits taqueria version of itself right here.

And look. Over there. Mercato by Fabio Viviani (the Top Chef guy who’s also involved with Siena Tavern) is doing upmarket meatball sandwiches, four kinds of pasta and crispy pizza made to order.

Made you look.

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