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Used to be, you wanted ivy-covered walls and cold beers, you booked a flight to Wrigley.

These days, you point west on Lemmon.

My how times have changed.

Embrace new things at The Ivy Tavern, a relaxed hangout you’ll frequent for brewed beverages, family recipes and one fine patio, soft-opening today at 3pm.

Don’t let that ivy-covered entrance fool you. This place is not a terrarium. No, it’s more of a wooden everything, pool table and jukebox concern. A real neighborhood bar where you can throw some darts, sip some Shiner and then abscond to the patio for sunlight absorption and beanbag tossing.

That... doesn’t sound bad at all, we know. So do your part. Walk through those doors. Claim the green leather booth up front. Drink a frozen margarita. High-five a stranger. Yes, now you’re getting it.

And you should know that for now, it’s drinks only, but food service starts June 8. That’s also when opening hours move up to 11am. Two things that spell good news for your lunch plans, assuming you’re not opposed to cheeseburgers and brisket grilled cheese sandwiches with pickled jalapeños.

For the sake of argument, we’ll assume you’re not.


The Ivy Tavern
5334 Lemmon Ave
Dallas, TX, 75209


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