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We Heard You Needed a Taco-Date Spot

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Stop reading this.

In fact, stop checking email altogether.

Summer’s starting.

Go to North Avenue Beach or something.

Go get in trouble.

We’ll be back on Tuesday with something new to tell you.


We see you’re still reading. Oh, fine. You win.

Here’s your new plaything: Más, a sexy modern cantina filled with fancy tacos and margaritas, slated to soft-open Wednesday.

You’ve got a pretty slick little place on your hands here. A Mexican-born, Paris-trained chef runs the show. It’s all rustic. It’s all a huge fan of tequila. Bottom line: you now have a taco-date spot.

And it’ll go something like this. You’ll convene at the white slab bar over Margaritas de Sandia (tequila, Aperol, muddled watermelons and Sun Gold tomatoes with a black lava salt rim). You’ll make a clever remark about lava salt. You’ll both laugh at yourself.

Then you’ll make your way to a semiprivate booth and be cast into a world where lamb-barbacoa tacos and fish tacos drizzled with watermelon gazpacho exist. Where roasted corn is served in mason jars with consommé. Where guacamole has chicharrones in it.

Yeah, it’s a good world.


800 W Washington Blvd
(at Halsted)
Chicago, IL, 60607


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