There’s an Apt for That

Leather and Polos in the Design District

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A black leather jacket is the last thing you thought you’d need right now.

Then you got invited to see that Danzig tribute band in Downtown, and here you are.

Get 12% more edgy at Apt606’s new location in the Design District—it’s a sexy but somber menswear shop for all your minimalist, futuristic and/or tar-covered-shoe needs, and it’s now open.

Imagine Bruce Wayne and Trent Reznor opened a shop together: black walls, black floors and sleek white lighting from above to illuminate sleek metal racks full of Alexander Wang tank tops and motorcycle jackets. You’ll find this place wedged right between Hermès and Dior Homme. Obviously.

Come here before your big date with that highly attractive, heavily tattooed philosopher type you met at Panther Coffee. Ponder the black Raf Simons V-neck polo and the Krisvanassche multi-lace sneakers that look like they were just dipped in tar (in a good way).

Once you’ve made any necessary polo and tar-sneaker decisions, head to the back wall and check out the skincare and grooming products, like Kyoku’s Sake Infused Shave Crème...

Great. Now you want sake.

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