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A Wynwood Spot for Cuts, Shaves and Foosball

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Can’t talk now, you’re setting up a very important foosball appointment.

Oh, and while you’re there, maybe you’ll get a haircut or something, too.

Introducing Junior & Hatter Gents, your Wynwood grooming den for gentlemanly haircuts, hot shaves and foosball, not necessarily in that order—soft-open now and officially launching next Tuesday.

Yes, you know Junior & Hatter. Great haircuts, Vespas for sale, all that. Well, this place is pretty similar, mostly because it’s owned by the same people. Also, it’s right next door. So now if you’re booking any kind of “gents” service—beard trimming, shave, manicure for man hands—you’ll be set up here.

You’ll see the foosball right in the middle of the new space. In its orbit: old-world-style brown leather chairs, worn-wood-plank walls, smooth concrete floors, a 70-inch TV and... an old-timey piano. Sure, why not.

So to start, maybe a quick sonata in B-flat—nah, just arrive early enough for foosball and a Peroni, on the house. Then slide into your chair for a good ear-lowering from one of the three groomers on staff.

Or if you just need a quick hot shave before your next big date, ask for Lori.

For the hot shave part.


Junior & Hatter Gents
2750 NW 3rd Ave
Miami, FL, 33127


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