The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Rancho Mirage

This Is a Mirage

Waterfalls and Hammock Massages in a Desert Spa

There’s only one sane course of action in this record-breaking heat.

Head to the desert.

No, really.

The desert has hammock massages now.

Flirt with weightlessness at The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Rancho Mirage, a two-story oasis of hammock rubdowns and hot tubs with sweeping vistas in the desert’s newest resort, now open.

Few things could tear you from your A/C right now. Those few things: getting massaged with golf balls. Hot tubs with their own waterfalls. Gazing 650 feet down at the Coachella Valley from a stunning resort spread across cliffs in the Santa Rosa Mountains. Yeah. Those things.

So call up a road date who’s been looking a little flushed. Set a course for this two-story, 15-room stand-alone spa of white-on-white tiles, quartz crystal chandeliers and endless vistas. Think “freezing-cold plunge pool” thoughts until your drive is done.

Before you know it, you’ll be outside, suspended in a hammock. Rocking gently while a masseuse demonstrates Swedish-Thai fusion on your frame. Or have someone knead your muscles with some sturdy Callaway golf balls. And in June, you’ll be able to book the “Rat Pack” facial, which employs black diamond dust on your face.

Those guys were super into exfoliation.


The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Rancho Mirage
68900 Frank Sinatra Dr
Rancho Mirage, CA, 92270

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