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Ramen and Beer from the Paris Club/RPM Team

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If we were to tell you that Chicago was to get yet another ramen shop (which, spoiler alert: we are), you’d probably take a deep sigh and think something like:

1) Please let this one play good hip-hop.
2) Please let this one have a high-tech Hoshizaki beer chiller that pours icy Japanese beer exactly the way God intended.
3) Please let this one have Ms. Pac-Man.

Wow, it’s like those Melmans read your mind.

Because now there’s this: Ramen-San, a new grotto of handmade noodles, cold beer, warm sake, old-school video games and other nice stuff from the Paris Club/RPM team, opening tonight.

Yes, this was the former Paris Club bar. Don’t try and envision where everything used to be; you’ll only waste valuable kimchi-and-fried-chicken-ramen-ordering time.

The place is cozy, but not tiny. There are split-timber tables, exposed brick and a hand-selected hip-hop soundtrack (naturally) setting the scene for some serious Berkshire-pork-gyoza-and-Szechuan-wings action.

Imagine it’s late. You’re gripped by a yearning for Japanese whiskey and something umami-ish. Maybe you just need a reason to say the word “umami.” Whatever the case, you’ll come here.

Note: this works when it’s not late, too.

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