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This Filipino Joint Sounds Fun

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Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Laughing who?

Laughing Bird, Lincoln Square’s sweet little nest of cocktails and Filipino-tinged cuisine, opening tonight.

I don’t get it. Can you be more specific? What is Filipino-tinged cuisine?

Sure thing. Let’s back up.

Chef Chrissy Camba, who did good work at Bar Pastoral, teamed up with the guys from Tank Sushi to create a new concept for the place.

It still has a cool, easygoing vibe, and the food is recognizable—noodles, chicken, pork, burgers—but accented with the flavors of the Philippines. If you’ve never had chicken adobo, the Philippines’ national dish, it’s a good place to start.

The back dining room, lit by a couple of round chandeliers, is ideal for drinking riesling (they have 11 kinds) during let’s-see-where-this-thing-is-going dates. (You don’t really know a person until you see how they handle a plate of manila clams with serrano chilies.)

If you just want a snack and a drink, the bar is perfect. It offers the Philippines’ favorite beer, San Miguel, a Pouffle Fizz (an amaro-and-egg-white vintage cocktail thing) and pork BBQ meat sticks...

BBQ meat sticks? Sounds... delicious.

Yes. It truly is a golden age for the meat-shaping industry.


Yeah. We got carried away there.

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