Brown Bag Seafood Co.

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A Seafood Shack near Millennium Park

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Man vs. Sea. An ancient story. Old as time itself.

You need new material. Something modern. Something fresh. Something 2014.

Man vs. Shrimp Taco has a nice, heroic ring.

Start the adventure here: Brown Bag Seafood Co., a sunny update on a seafood shack, opening tomorrow in Lakeshore East.

Inside, it’s a 30-seat vision of Nantucket—all fishnets overhead and whitewashed plank. It has a prime view of the Maggie Daley Park development and will be ideal when you need a quick picnic to bring to Millennium Park.

Start by grabbing a pencil and a bag—the menu’s printed on the side. Check off the protein you want (teriyaki scallion salmon, shrimp, broiled whitefish, etc.) and how you’d like it served (as a sub, salad or taco, “straight up” or in a quinoa-spinach salad mix “powerbox”).

The cashier then ziplines your bag across the room to the kitchen. You’ll follow. While you wait, you can put in a couple of bucks for an honor-system dessert tray. (You’d hate for your conscience to take a hit for $2 apple crumble.) In a few minutes or so, you’re now picnic-in-the-park ready.

Also: picnic-at-your-desk ready.


Brown Bag Seafood Co.
340 E Randolph St
(between Columbus and Lake Shore)
Chicago, IL 60601


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