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Well, this is odd.

There you are, standing in the Loop. Right there. In the center of everything.

Yet somehow, you cannot find one single, solitary place serving lobster banh mi, taco flights and bacon-and-fried-oyster sandwiches. Not one.

This nightmare ends here: Randolph Tavern, a place unafraid to give you what you need when you need it, soft-opening Saturday.

It’s located on the ground floor of a 1929 Gothic Revival building you may recognize as a John Dillinger haunt in Public Enemies. The long, narrow interior, however, is easygoing—more upscale rec room than mobster lair. Look for vintage Old Chicago beer neon signs and pictures of Chicago celebs like Dennis Rodman. (Speaking of public enemies.)

Anyway. Your three primary uses for this place:

1. Business lunches.

2. Post-work cocktails and/or after-work bacon.
Munch bacon-fat popcorn. Sip a bacon-infused rye cocktail called The Stockyard. Settle into a bacon burger. Consider what the deal is with all the bacon.

3. Pre-theater dinners with the parents.
It’s conveniently across from the Cadillac Palace Theatre. While the menu isn’t afraid to globe-trot, words like “wedge salad” and “shrimp cocktail,” “cabernet sauvignon” and “filet” will comfort the folks.

Nothing says “Happy Mother’s Day” quite like a slab of beef.


Randolph Tavern
188 W Randolph St
(at Wells)
Chicago, IL, 60601


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