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A Box Full of Beer-Making Magic

None This just in: the sale and consumption of alcohol is prohibited.

Better start learning how to make your own beer.

This just in: we made that first thing up.

Still, better start learning how to make your own beer.

And the reason is HopBox, a single package delivered from Somerville with all the tools and ingredients necessary to make beer very quickly and very easily, available for preorder now and shipping in July.

Homebrewing. It’s that thing where you buy giant pots and kettles that aren’t easy to store and then find all the necessary ingredients yourself. Or it could be that thing where some local heroes build you a portable, aesthetically pleasing kit with all the equipment, hops and recipes required to start brewing immediately. It’s up to you.

What you’re working with: a handmade pine box to hold the glass fermenters that make your beer. And all the designy blue bottles you need to contain the stuff (labeling them with your face: optional, but highly recommended). And four sizes to choose from, in case you’d like to make 10 beers at once. Or 30. No wrong choices here.

Ah, yes. It also works for making mead and cider.

No word on kombucha yet.

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