That Cinc-ing Feeling

Cinco de Mayo Is Here. So Are These Models.

9 Photos Las Mujeres de Cinco
None 9 Photos Las Mujeres de Cinco
Hey, Happy Cinco de Mayo.

No? Not enough culture?

How about: Oye, Feliz Cinco de Mayo.

Nope, not doing it either.

Maybe let’s try this without words...

And instead simply present you with Las Mujeres de Cinco, a timely slideshow of the least unattractive models who’ve ever donned a poncho, a chaquetilla or a borderline-NSFW sombrero. It’s all right here.

We know, we know... Kate Moss isn’t of Mexican heritage. Neither is Claudia Schiffer. Nor Karlie Kloss. But we also know that a few south-of-the-border-inspired shots of them and some other professional beautiful people may be just what you need to get in the spirit. (Give or take a few margaritas.)

And if you pay close attention, you might even learn about the holiday’s history as a celebration of the Mexican Army’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla despite being outnumbered 2:1.

Mainly how you don’t mind this being unrelated to that.

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