Hide and Speak

A Lamp That Tweets Private Conversations

None Certain things are laugh-out-loud funny.

Other things are more... utter-violation-of-privacy funny.

This is the latter. It’s called Conversnitch, and it’s an experimental design project in the form of a lamp that secretly records people’s private conversations with a hidden microphone.

Oh, and then it automatically posts snippets of those conversations to this Twitter feed.

The results: hundreds of recordings from random NYC locations like a bank, Washington Square Park and a library.

Let’s roll the highlight reel, shall we...

They said: “Did you eat any of my tater tots while I was gone? It sure looks like you did ’cause I couldn’t have eaten that many.”
We say: Friendships have ended over less.

They said: “What a shame. We’ve tried so hard to help that idiot.”
We say: Looks like Rob Ford’s press secretary is on vacation.

They said: “Stop using the Internet like this. Twitter is not a joke.”
We say: Might want to check your facts.

They said: “Nice vest, buddy.”
We say: It probably wasn’t a nice vest.

They said: “Socks. I need socks. Better planning next time.”
We say: ...

They said: “There’s something in the lamp.”
We say: Nailed it.

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