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The Goddess and Grocer.

Great place. Sturdy, reliable, makes an egg salad sandwich you’d chase to the ends of the earth.

Which is good because it’s only moving across the street.

Take a gander at the new location of The Goddess and Grocer, open today in Bucktown.

The eastern side of Damen has afforded it the opportunity to serve you in some delightful ways.

You get a table all to yourself.
Not that the communal table at the original wasn’t charming, but there are times when you just want to eat your pork belly torta without the companionship of six strangers. There are now 80 seats spread over two floors. Though, yes, you can still go communal when you’re craving the companionship of strangers.

Soon, you’ll be drinking on the patio...
There is a rooftop patio (awaiting its liquor license) that provides a prime view of Damen Avenue and the original location.

The menu is bigger, better and bloodier.
Make your own lunch at the salad bar, scoop various artisanal pickles from the pickle bar, and—yes—order up some local beer, a horseradish-y Goddess Bloody Mary or a tequila-y Grocer Bloody Mary from the bar bar.

Those come in handy, too.


The Goddess and Grocer
1646 N Damen Ave
Chicago, IL, 60647


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