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A Westwood Theater with Martinis and Lobster Rolls

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Watching a movie in a recliner with some popcorn: sure, fine, every once in a while.

Watching a movie in a leather recliner with a date, a martini and pork belly empanadas from Wolfgang Puck’s longtime pastry chef: uh, yeah. That’s better.

Silence your mobile devices for iPic Theaters, a new kind of movie theater with six screens, lots of leather and alcohol, and inventive uses of pork from Sherry Yard—now selling tickets for its May 2 debut in Westwood.

Basically, this is the kind of theater you could only find in LA—made for people who’d prefer to watch their own names in the credits while inside a modern building with Spider-Man-level production values.

Next time you want to see a movie with these kinds of people, you could opt for the closest theater. Or you could come here, buy a premium ticket, and then purchase Negronis at the bar and lobster rolls at the counter before taking your seat.

But really, you should go for the premium-plus seats. Those are the seats that recline. Those are the seats that include unlimited popcorn. And those are the seats where you can order pork belly empanadas, chocolate chip cookies and parmesan-peppercorn-fennel-infused dirty martinis discreetly delivered throughout the movie by “service ninjas.”

“Service zombies” didn’t test well.

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