Vigo Mortensen

A Device That Catches You Nodding Off

None You are getting sleepy.

Your eyelids are getting heavy.

You’re in the middle of a quarterly sales presentation.

So... you better snap out of it.

Here, try this: Vigo, a contraption that purports to help you keep your head in the game by counting how many times you blink, available soon.

It fits on your ear, sort of like a really long Bluetooth receiver that reaches to an unobtrusive area outside your eye. (We didn’t say it was a fashion statement.) It monitors your blinking activity to determine your level of alertness. An app does the math to figure the precise moment of daily peak performance. Very helpful. Schedule your next shiatsu massage accordingly.

But really, this thing is like a buddy that gives you that little nudge when you need it. If you’re burning the midnight oil trying to get a last-minute project done, and it senses your motivation is flagging, it can give you a little flashing light or a buzz in your ear to remind you to get up and walk around before you succumb.

If you’re on a long-haul road trip solo, it’ll remind you to play an energizing song when you’re heading toward Sleepyland.

Unless that was, in fact, your destination.

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