Jingle All the Uyghur

You’ve Never Had Kebabs Like These

None “I’m really feeling some Uyghur for lunch right now.”

Chances are, you’ve never said this.

But you will. And soon.

Because you’re about to meet Uyghur Kitchen, the first-ever food truck to serve the kebab-heavy street food of China’s Uyghur people, expecting to roll out Friday.

Let’s call this Uyghur 101...

It’s pronounced “way-ghurr.”
They’re an ethnic group in Western China known for mixing Middle Eastern and Chinese culture. And perfecting the fine art known as meat on a stick.

Take the lamb kebab.
It’s marinated in a traditional spice mix for up to 12 hours, coated with egg white and flour, then grilled and passed directly to your mouth. (Well, maybe get a hand in there somewhere.)

You can get it in a pita, too.
In which case they’ll soak the bread with cooking juices and throw in a dollop of yogurt before the meat goes in. Always before the meat.

Back in China, the owner was in a Uyghur rock band.
They were called Grey Wolf. They were kind of a big deal (just check YouTube). But then he moved to the US to play bass guitar and study at Berklee College of Music. And eventually open a food truck.

We’ve all been there.

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