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Chicago’s Best DJ Nights

Tomorrow is Record Store Day, a holy day for DJs and vinyl enthusiasts everywhere. But to best experience the fruits of those scouring record stores for obscure treasures, you’ll probably need a DJ. So we’ve found five great DJ-fueled weekday nights—and Skrillex will not be in attendance.

Punk Mondays at Delilah’s

Punk Mondays at Delilah’s

What you’ll hear: The Clash, Black Flag, Social Distortion.
Who you’ll see: Working-class Joes, DePaul kids and the kind of people who probably drew anarchy symbols on their high school notebooks.
What you’ll drink: Even a world-renowned whiskey spot like this is not too proud to pour you a $1 beer called—simply—American Beer.

Another Planet at Late Bar

Another Planet at Late Bar

What you’ll hear: Everything. Really. From the Smiths to old-time soul to goth to... sketches from SCTV and elsewhere to lighten the mood.
Who you’ll see: This bar attracts a strong industry crowd; you may bump into your off-duty bartender.
What you’ll drink: The Tom Waits Special: PBR and a shot of Old Crow for $4.

Disco Illusion at Smart Bar

Disco Illusion at Smart Bar

What you’ll hear: A sultry vinyl-only mélange of obscure ’70s funk, soul and gospel.
Who you’ll see: In this 30-year-old basement grotto, the crowd is diverse and not afraid to break out some vintage hustle-style moves. You should brush up.
What you’ll drink: There are $5 Effen cocktails, though Courvoisier seems more appropriate.

Technique at Neo

Technique at Neo

What you’ll hear: New Order, Siousxie and the Banshees... basically, a real live John Hughes soundtrack.
Who you’ll see: Night owls—from college kids on up—packing the dance floor, wearing eyeliner so thick you’ll almost forget how tight their black pants are.
What you’ll drink: There’s a solid beer list, but it’s the ’80s... have a can of PBR.

TTTTotally Dudes at the Whistler

TTTTotally Dudes at the Whistler

What you’ll hear: Un-ironic Mariah Carey and Backstreet Boys, plus the occasional bit of Eurotrash.
Who you’ll see: Hipsters with only the faintest memories of Monica Lewinsky and AOL CDs.
What you’ll drink: A bourbon/scotch/chocolate bitters number called the Dopesmoker. Aka the perfect setup for an “I didn’t inhale” joke.

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