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A Serious Bagel Stop near DePaul

5 Photos The Bagelers Coffeehouse
None 5 Photos The Bagelers Coffeehouse
We need to get serious with you. It’s important. Really important.

It’s about your morning bagel.

The way we see it, some people in this town have been seriously underestimating what you expect from it.

But we bring word that The Bagelers Coffeehouse, a brand-new DePaul-area coffee shop that won’t disappoint your need for perfection when it comes to cream-cheese conveyances, is open now.

The owners have been selling their bagels wholesale to places like the Langham Hotel and the Goddess and Grocer for a while now. For their first retail spot, they’re going classic artsy coffee shop, a few paintings and a chalkboard menu.

But you’re here for the bagels.

The seven-bagel menu is a no-nonsense rundown of the classics. Poppy seed. Sea salt. Sesame. And, of course, the everything. Their secret is instead of steaming—the preferred method by many places in town these days—they’re making them the old-fashioned way: boiling the dough in small-batch kettles. Yes, the age of the artisanal bagel has arrived.

So swing by before a breakfast meeting with homesick New Yorkers (think Pete Campbell in the new season of Mad Men). Grab a dozen. Maybe grab a couple of the flaky, handmade croissants, too.

In case there are any homesick Megan Draper types in tow.


The Bagelers Coffeehouse
2461 N Lincoln Ave
(at Montana)
Chicago, IL, 60614


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