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These Make Instant Bloody Marys


1921: Fernand Petiot mixes one of the first Bloody Marys in Paris. Hemingway digs it.
1921 to 2014: Several million hangovers are cured.
Today: Some magical British gentlemen concoct a magical Bloody Mary formula for your enjoyment.

Make a deal with Little Devil, an instant Bloody Mary source in the form of tiny yet powerful packets that you squeeze into glasses, available online now.

They’re like those flavor packets that people use to make bottled water taste like peaches or whatever. Except these turn everything into Bloody Marys. So long as “everything” is tomato juice and vodka.

See, each packet contains a tablespoon of all the good stuff that constitutes a bona fide Bloody. You’ve got Worcestershire sauce. Louisiana hot pepper sauce. Japanese wasabi. And a few other ingredients that will remain secret. You’ve got to let cocktails have their secrets.

And the packets are so small that you can stuff your pants pockets/carry-on luggage/golf bags full of them so a quick, tomato-based hangover remedy is always at the ready.

Though they also sell bottles of vodka infused with their spice mix.

Presumably in case of a global spoon shortage.

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