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What You’ll Do at the Epicurean Hotel

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Pop quiz: How will you use the Epicurean Hotel?
It’s a handsome new Tampa sleepery partly owned by the legendary Bern’s Steak House, now open across the street for your food-and-drink-related pleasure.

A) To hole up and ignore Tampa
You could start by loitering in the lobby, getting a shoeshine at the vintage leather stand, perusing the early-’70s coffee-table books from Bern’s shuttered bookstore—then get a rubdown with spiked molten bourbon at the spa and have a round of Old Fashioneds from Edge, the rooftop bar. Full day.

B) A scotch symposium
See those sliding wooden barn doors off the lobby? They lead to an amphitheater-style culinary classroom where you and 39 friends could hold forth on the finer points of single malt.

C) Date night at Elevage
That’s the restaurant here, with ceiling beams from a whiskey distillery, two-tops fashioned from a North Carolina railroad and a menu that includes Monkfish Schnitzel and Lamb Shoulder Lasagna.

D) Get a room
The suites have soaking tubs, and the bar is stocked with wine, prosciutto, chocolate and sea salt caramels. It’s like a minibar curated by Mario Batali.

E) All of the above

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