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Burgers and Beer in Logan Square

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If you think about it, taverns are a lot like US presidents.

They have their powers checked by legislatures.

They host beer summits.

They’re both named Harding. Well, some of them are, anyway...

Take this place: The Harding Tavern, an easygoing new corner tap house, now open in Logan Square.

Don’t come here looking for pomp and circumstance. This is a down-to-earth joint in the finest tradition of stalwart Chicago drinking establishments.

You’ll come here when you want to simply sit at a bar and contemplate a list of 60 beers from around the world (Wittekerke Belgian wheat beer) or down the street (Revolution’s Belgian-style A Little Crazy).

Or you and your fellow ward bosses (/friends) might like a seat next to the street-side windows, enjoying a nice spring breeze as you talk politics over the THT Burger (topped with herb aioli, brie and bacon) and pork belly skewers.

Word to the wise, however: get to know your bartenders. They’ll post their own idiosyncratic mixological whims on the chalkboard above the bar. Something like, say, the Rabbit Trap, made with bourbon, grapefruit, ginger ale and some freshly spanked sage leaves.

Don’t worry, they totally deserved it.


The Harding Tavern
2721 N Milwaukee Ave
(at Sawyer)
Chicago, IL, 60647


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