Ani Way You Want It

A New Sake Spot from the Arami Folks

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Look. We’ve told you time and time again, you can’t go around expecting a bunch of sake to just roll into your life on a whim.

And it turns out, we were absolutely... wrong.

Because here comes Ani, a stronghold of Japanese delights (including one very promising sake cart), opening tonight.

It’s a spin-off from the pair of brothers behind Arami, and shares that place’s devotion to nature-y furniture. So the communal table? It’s the split trunk of a maple tree that was just minding its own business up in Winnetka until Mother Nature decided she had other plans for it. Like having you eat off it.

Anyway, you know this kind of joint. It’s where you’ll spend easy weekday meals hunkered over fresh sashimi or poking your chopsticks into ribeye ramen. You can always use another one of those.

But here’s the thing: with three dozen craft and hard-to-find sakes at your disposal, it’s also ideal for any sake snobs you need to entertain. In addition to Arami’s own label, Ichi No Torii, they have a $250 bottle of Isojiman, plus a dispenser that pours warm sake. Oh, and soon, they’ll be launching that rolling sake cart, modified from an old airline galley cart.

Feels good to recycle.

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