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So many lovely things are happening in Hyde Park today.

Birds are singing.

The sun is shining.

Young law students are examining the Rule against Perpetuities as it relates to divestiture and future interests vis-à-vis Reynolds v. Gagen and New York §§ 9-1.1(a) and 9-1.1(b).

Oh, and the sandwiches. Don’t forget all the nice sandwiches.

That’s because Plein Air Café, a smart little Euro-style retreat, has also sprouted there today.

Its location might be square between the Seminary Co-Op Bookstore and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Frederick C. Robie House, but the whitewashed decor is simple, homey, honest. The co-owners are Soo Choi and designer Kevin Heisner, who’s also involved with Sportsman’s Club, Bar DeVille, et al. And as far as we know, FLW never designed a good cocktail den.

The mission here is to transport you to those breezy European cafés you visited once upon a time. You’ll grab a fancy coffee, linger over a croque-monsieur or a baguette with brie and chutney, or pop in for a continental breakfast—some prosciutto, a cup of coffee, a hard-boiled egg and a biscuit—as you spread out the morning paper.

They still have those in Europe.


Plein Air Café
5751 S Woodlawn Ave
(between 57th and 58th)
Chicago, IL, 60637


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