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A New House of Sausage on Randolph

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Take what we’re about to tell you with a grain of salt.

Actually: take it with some spicy mustard. It’ll be more satisfying.

See, Tête Charcuterie has softly opened in the West Loop, and they’re very, very serious when it comes to your meat-consumption habits.

The name itself refers to fromage de tête, aka headcheese, aka a delicacy so revered that French chefs have annual competitions where gold medals are handed out for the best ones. Basically, it’s their version of the NCAA tournament.

The menu is comprised of your basic cured meats, your sausages, your terrines, your country pâtés, your rillettes of duck confit, your headcheeses, your Gene and Jude’s–inspired all-beef smoked hot dogs served on brioche buns. And if you ask for ketchup, they’ll stab you. Ha, ha. Just kidding. But, seriously, don’t ask for ketchup.

Despite the butcherishness of it all, it’s a good choice for a dinner date or just a date spent over a glass of wine and some salumi. There’s a good upbeat energy and a kitchen that’s basically part of the dining room, plus you can watch them processing things like boudin blanc and rostbratwurst.

Ah, rostbratwurst. The most romantic of German sausages.


Tête Charcuterie
1114 W Randolph St
(between May and Aberdeen)
Chicago, IL, 60607


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