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A House of Vinyl Rises in Avondale Estates

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“I’ll put a record on while you change into something more comfortable.”

If you’ve spoken those words in the past three months, well done.

If not... you’re just not using records properly.

Here with the assist: Sunbrimmer Records, an old-school record shop filled with old-school records because that just makes damn good sense, now open in Avondale Estates.

The place is tiny. Just big enough to hold some concert posters from local venues like Eddie’s Attic and Terminal West, a random white chandelier, thousands of vinyl discs and whatever else Mike Tyson wants to carry. Right. The owner’s name is Mike Tyson, so that’s fun.

It’s right across from Pallookaville, so maybe have a vodka milkshake there first. It’ll only enhance the whole experience. You know... it’s a lazy afternoon. You’re in what feels like the Beatles’ stateside crash pad circa 1972. You’re pulling out old Nirvana and Patsy Cline and John Coltrane and Beach Boys solo project records. You’re slipping that last one back...

For now, it’s just records and CDs and cassettes. But down the road, they’re looking to bring in turntables, music rags and maybe some live musicians.

Someone’s so getting discovered there.


Sunbrimmer Records
4 N Clarendon Ave
Avondale Estates, GA, 30002


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