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A Restaurant That’s Also an Art Gallery

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For a second, imagine a world without art. Terrible.

Now, imagine a world without food. Probably worse.

Now, imagine a world without bars that serve eight types of boilermakers. Definitely worse.

So stop imagining such awful, awful things.

Just feel secure that Fulton Market Kitchen, a lavishly appointed restaurant/lounge/art gallery, opens Friday in the Warehouse District.

It’s in the former Victor Hotel space, which means it had a pretty tough act to follow, decor-wise. Yet somehow, once you throw around a few buttery-soft leather couches, strike a deal with the art gallery next door for a rotating lineup of edgy work from local artists and cover every square inch of the lounge with an insane street-art-inspired mural—voilà—it all just comes together.

You (and some art-loving compatriots) will have a lot to consider here. Once you’re done stroking your chins and saying things like “To me, the flaming Chevy on that wall represents the unknowability of life,” you’ll want... like, a burger or something.

You can also keep it light with lobster sliders, or settle in for a full night of the Two Tails (an odd-couple pairing of lobster and pig tails) or the Goldfish, a whole snapper with gold leaf sprinkled on it.

Gallery openings never have enough of those.


Fulton Market Kitchen
311 N Sangamon St
(at Wayman)
Chicago, IL, 60607


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