Heat Wave

The Sauna That Moves

None “Sweat Happens”

“My Other Car Is a Sauna”

Better than good chance one of those is your next bumper sticker.

Grab a towel for Surf Sauna, a customizable sauna-on-wheels designed for cold-water surfers (but also good for anyone not in a desert), available for online orders now.

So, this changes almost every part of what it means to be a sauna. Well, except for the thing about them being hot, steamy wooden boxes in which you sweat out toxins and discuss important issues... like where The Grand Budapest Hotel ranks among Wes Anderson’s films. That remains unchanged. But as for the other parts...

Saunas are stationary. Wrong. This one is a giant, barrel-shaped sauna made of red cedar that sits on a trailer and calls everywhere home. It’s the Jack Kerouac of saunas.

Saunas have no business on Mount McKinley. Also wrong. Because along with adding a propane stove, you can ask for off-road tires to take this pretty much anywhere. (Read: camping.)

Saunas don’t have racing stripes. A widely believed myth, but also factually incorrect. Because the makers of this will also give your portable sauna a custom paint job.

Although flames might be a bit much.

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