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The Missing Wink

A Scotch-and-Leather-Powered Cocktail Lounge

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Ah, St. Patrick’s Day.

But enough about St. Patrick’s Day. Let’s discuss something 100% different.

Something by the name of Wink & Nod, a dark and brooding new happiness emporium where your wildest cocktail fantasies are about to become reality, opening Thursday in the South End.

Certain Bond villains might describe this as a “lair.” Chinese dragons staring out from red-and-gold-foil wallpaper. A tiger-striped rug running the length of its sprawling lounge. Black leather booths inhabited by lovely strangers who share your appreciation for mythical beasts and animal prints.

Your mission: rendezvous with a white leather armchair opposite the enormous marble mantelpiece. Request a Vera Prescott with scotch, pear puree and housemade ginger ale. As for your next drink, request... anything. The bartenders here have all studied a century-old book of vintage cocktails. Just give them something to start from. “Gin” works in a pinch.

You’ll also find non-liquid things to consume. The long story: the two chefs behind roving pop-up Whisk have settled into the kitchen here as Whisk at Wink & Nod. The short story: they’re making sure plates of squid-ink pasta with baby octopus fall into your hands.

Or maybe your fork, because gross otherwise.

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