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A Yacht with an Island in the Maldives

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Surfing is a two-part process.

There’s the part where you ride a board across a giant wave. Aka the hard part.

And then there’s the part where you secure a private yacht and island in the Indian Ocean.

Aka this part...

Hang extremely loose for Thanburudhoo Surf Program, a little thing in the Maldives where you’ll get a yacht, an island and a surf break all to yourself, taking reservations now.

Here’s the deal: someone’s building a resort on this island. And yes, it’ll look predictably breathtaking and grace many a travel magazine cover when it’s finished. But in the meantime, you can charter one of two private, live-aboard yachts conveniently docked right next to the Maldives’ best surf breaks. So, yes, a slightly better deal than half-price appetizers.

To begin your days, take a leisurely 100-foot stroll from bow to stern. Observe the swell report. Make sure that beach back on land is your preferred shade of white. Then get right to all the secluded surfing, coral-reef-snorkeling or general paradise-gazing that the Maldives exist for. And seeing as both vessels fit up to 18 people, consider chartering one or both for, say, a corporate leadership retreat.

Especially if you’re self-employed.


Thanburudhoo Surf Program
at Thanburudhoo Resort
Thanburudhoo Island, Malé Atoll
Republic of Maldives
official website


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