Captain Kanga

On-Demand Errand People in Your Pocket

None —Buying stamps.

—Lines at the post office.

—Forgetting your mailman’s name.

This is a list of things you haven’t had to deal with in a while. Because, well... 2014.

And what follows is a list of things that ensure you’ll never have to again.


It’s a new Atlanta-based app that lets you hire regular people to deliver anything, at any time, to anywhere, taking beta invite requests now and officially launching March 26 for iPhone.

This is like a post office that never closes and never requires you to wear clothes. Launch the app. Type in how much you’re willing to pay to have something delivered. People will request the job. You’ll pick a driver. Done. (It also works the other way around.)

Prediction: you’re going to rely on this thing more than you know. Like when you need time-sensitive documents hand-delivered somewhere across town. Or when you need to return a player piano, a velvet cape and a bag of marbles to a one-eyed man named Sebastian. Point is: it’s whatever.

And should you have any unanswered questions (or just want some gin), there’s a launch party at the Artmore in a couple weeks. Along with a live kangaroo...

Because, you see, it’s a play on the name.

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