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Brooklyn Bowl. On the Strip.

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There’s a new game in town.

And it’s high-stakes, full-contact Old Maid.

Just kidding, it’s bowling.

Roll a few frames at Brooklyn Bowl, a Vegas version of the Williamsburg institution... only with more bars (five), more floors (three), more lanes (32) and a much closer proximity to legalized gambling, opening Saturday at the Linq.

For those new to the Brooklyn Bowl experience, here’s how things work: you show up, you rent funny-looking shoes, and you spread out across 80,000 square feet of bars/lounges/bowling lanes. Then, you bowl. You sip beer while reclining on leather chesterfield sofas. You sample some of the finest fried chicken (courtesy of Blue Ribbon) you’ve ever had in your life. Sound good? Good.

Of course, if you’re not here to bowl and eat Blue Ribbon (maybe you hate America), there’s always the live concerts they regularly host on the stage in the back. It’s the one surrounded by a mezzanine of private boxes and a 2,000-person general admission. Expect acts like Primus, Spoon, Jane’s Addiction, Steve Winwood, Elvis Costello and the Roots to come through.

Perhaps you’ve heard of a few of them.


Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas
at The Linq
3545 Las Vegas Blvd S, Ste 22
Las Vegas, NV, 89109


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