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Six Continents’ Worth of Surf Photos

None 7 Photos Distant Shores: Surfing the Ends of the Earth
Congratulations, McConaughey.

We got you a little Best Actor gift. It’s a photography book of beautiful surfing spots in unexpected places like Norway, Japan and India.

You bring the bongos.

Ponder the magnificence of Distant Shores: Surfing the Ends of the Earth, Chris Burkard’s mammoth coffee-table book stuffed with surfing photos from remote corners of the world, available now.

Whether or not you tend to use the word “alright” three times per sentence, you’re probably familiar with the hordes of surfers jostling for position at the Venice breakwater. But you probably haven’t seen great surfers dodging icebergs beneath the northern lights in Scandinavia, or boards in the shadow of India’s ancient temples. Well, a photographer from Surfer magazine is here to educate you. The fun, pretty-picture kind of education.

So, yeah, it’ll make a nice gift for any surfer friends in your life, whether or not they’re looking for a book to put next to a shiny new Oscar. But it also makes sense for you to pick up immediately if you’ve been worried that your coffee table might be insufficiently beachy.

That kind of thing really keeps you up at night.

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