Mix of the Trade

A New Trio of Cocktail-Empowering Elixirs

“Just add water” is not an exciting instruction.

“Just add bourbon” is an exciting instruction.

The kind you might find on the back of a bottle of White Whale, a new trifecta of herbal elixirs just begging to be poured into the nearest cocktail, available online now.

It all started when a couple of Southern gentlemen decided to drastically improve your liquid life. Those guys tend to do that. Probably. Sometimes. Maybe just this time. Anyway, they did that by filling little bottles with mysterious herbs and great power. And now that power is being used for good. Meaning cocktails.

You’ve got three options, each made with a different liquor in mind. The Siberian-fir-and-sweet-orange Your Older Brother begs for vodka. The Filthy Liar won’t rest until its clove and lychee are united with gin. And the Auntie’s Old Fashioned, a youngberry and rosemary concoction, was specifically engineered with bourbon in mind.

Just like that, you’ve got a cocktail apothecary at your disposal. Introduce them to dinner party guests. Pour them into ironic coupe glasses. Maybe throw the word “mixology” around a little bit.

Except don’t, because no.

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