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What the world needs now is love, sweet love.

Fine. Great for the world.

What you need now is some Swedish jerky and Korean pork rinds...

That’s what you need now.

Here to meet your demands: Grand Tour, a globetrotting new neighborhood boîte, now soft-open in Ravenswood.

The idea is simple. Take flavors from across the globe and do nice things to them. Sprinkle some Mexican spices on popcorn. Jamaica-ify some octopus with jerk marinade. Serve English bangers and mash with stout-infused gravy. It’s basically a potluck at the United Nations.

It’s all warm and timber-trimmed in there, too. Makes for a great place to watch a rugby or cricket match with some friends. Or catch some live acoustic sets at the bar on Saturday nights.

Speaking of that bar, they’re still waiting on the liquor license (ETA: soon), but they’re planning a stable of 14 international wines by the glass and a lineup of obscure beers from (you guessed it) all around the world.

Oh, and one more thing. If any of your friends just happens to get mouthy about their supposed shuffleboard prowess throughout the evening... why, yes, they do have a shuffleboard table in the back.

And seriously, who gets “mouthy”...

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