Oscar Wild

Plundering the Oscar-Nominated Films

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences: they determine the best movies of the year. Us: we determine the best-looking stuff from the best movies of the year. You: read below and then pick up one or two of those things. Like some sunglasses. Or a superyacht.

UD - Izod Lacoste 707F Sunglasses

Izod Lacoste 707F Sunglasses

On Screen: They shielded Christian Bale’s face from UV rays. And the glare coming off Amy Adams’s cleavage.
Off Screen: You’ll wear these oversized gold-framed aviators to channel your inner 1970s con artist. Silk cravat and awful toupee completely optional.

UD - A Hat from McConaughey’s Hat Guys

A Hat from McConaughey’s Hat Guys

On Screen: You saw McConaughey erase all lingering memories of The Wedding Planner while wearing an impressive, high-crowned, four-inch-brimmed cowboy hat.
Off Screen: You’ll commission an exact replica of this hat from the same San Antonio–based milliners that Mac regularly uses. Of course he has a hat guy...

UD  Cesare Attolini Bespoke Suits

Cesare Attolini Bespoke Suits

On Screen: Toni Servillo gallivanted in a few of these around Rome. The result was a sprezzatura overload. And a Best Foreign Picture nomination.
Off Screen: You’ll get fitted for a couple custom suits from the Naples-based tailor who handled wardrobe on the picture. Naples and tailor: two words that go wonderfully together.

UD -  A 1924 Gibson L-1

A 1924 Gibson L-1

On Screen: Llewyn played one while cutting a studio track with Justin Timberlake and that guy from Girls.
Off Screen: It’s 90 years old. And very few still remain on this planet with all the original hardware. So, yeah, maybe not the guitar you set fire to on stage.

UD - A Gigantic Yacht

A Gigantic Yacht

On Screen: DiCaprio defiled this 145-foot vessel (complete with an in-deck hot tub). Then he sank a computer-generated version of it into the Mediterranean.
Off Screen: You’ll call up the company chartering the ship and hire it when you want to do some deep-sea fishing. Or federal-agent bribing.

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