Sunshine State

The Sunniest Spot on the Internet

None 171,360.

That’s approximately how many minutes you’ve got until it’s summer.

That’s a lot of minutes.

So we figure you’re okay killing five to 10 of them...

Suggestively lower your shades for Poolside Radio, a very simple website that syncs summery music with summery ’80s movie clips, online now.

Here’s how this works: to your left, you’ve got a music player streaming the sort of remixes that sound like summer feels. (Think Notorious B.I.G. meets the Miami Vice theme song.) To your right, you’ve got Phoebe Cates slowly emerging from a pool. Or Clark Griswold making eyes with Christie Brinkley. Or the Doublemint gum commercial.

Listen, we’re not going to definitively say this is the greatest website ever, but we are going to say you should probably keep it open on your browser at all times. Tuck the page behind a spreadsheet or something. Then, when you need a quick shot of sunshine, click over.

Or if you’re in LA, walk outside.

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