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Pizza. Cookies. And 200 Beers...

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Pizza, beer, the sun and the Swedish women’s curling team.

It’s turning out to be a banner week for all your favorite things.

So here’s another new place to celebrate two of them: Compass Bar, a cozy nook on Diversey with a wood-fired oven and 200 beers at your command, opening tomorrow.

Let yourself be drawn into this handsome barroom by the scent of blue-cheese burgers and that wood-fired oven, which is doing splendid things to calamari-and-crab pizzas and chocolate chip cookies.

You’ll find a stately bar with golden swivel chairs, an open kitchen and big-screen televisions with the game on. All comforting. Though... the bartenders will seem to have an uncannily specific knowledge of your beer preferences.

See, with 180 bottles and 20 drafts (from PBR to Tripel Karmeliet, quite incredibly), they’re developing a beer navigation system—a BNS, if you will. Tell the bartender your assigned customer number, and they’ll print out what you had last time, with a few suggestions for this time. If you liked Brew Dog’s Storm, try the Brew Dog Cocoa Psycho Imperial Russian. That kind of thing. It’s all very Amazon, without getting the UPS man involved.

We hear they’re still looking into Compass Bar Prime.

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